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Modern granny houses are considered the future of property

One of the most popular options today when it comes to Prefabricated Houses are prefab homes or modern kit homes. The goal of this concept is to build a home from a separate site and be able to transport it to a building site and erect it there with ease. Because of its convenience, it is sought after by many people today. Also referred to as modular homes, this type of home can be improved upon, depending on the desire of the homeowner, whether to add more rooms to it or simply enhance it aesthetically. The following are some of the top reasons why modern kit homes have been gaining much popularity lately.

It's Faster and Cheaper to Build

Unlike conventional houses that takes years to finish, modern homes only takes a few months to build. Once you have ordered a kit home design you want, the manufacturer will start building your house and can be erected in the building site within two months. Aside from being faster to build, it is also cheaper to build compare to regular houses.

It's More Energy Efficient

Modern homes offer better insulation because they are built in a manufacturer's warehouse. Since they need to be transported, manufacturers see to it that they have thinner and lighter walls for ease of transportation. Compared to the thick walls of regular houses, however, these walls are a lot durable and are more efficient in regulating temperature inside the house.

It's More Environmentally Friendly

It's possible to build a house on site and still be able to help protect the environment. However, the main advantage of prefabricated houses is that companies that build them are committed in using renewable resources and sustainable materials. Such materials can by no means cause any harm to the environment and consumes less energy at the same time.

It's More Durable and Can Last Longer

Finally, prefab houses are more durable than traditionally-built ones. Most modern kit homes are constructed using high-quality steel as frame that allows the building to withstand disasters like fire, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Aside from that, since prefab houses are built inside the manufacturer's warehouse, they have less or no exposure at all to bugs and other elements that usually damage regular houses during construction period.

These are just some of the many reasons why more and more people are turning to prefab houses or modern kit homes today. Find out more about modern kit homes and how you can get yourself one by checking out today.


Modern granny houses are considered the future of property and that is only right considering how such innovation has made a huge impact to the property market in the US, UK, and Australia. Find more about modern kit homes and discover whether they are the best option for your housing needs by visiting valleykithomes.com.au today!



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