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Be sure to always check the brake system owners

Good China Brake Factory performance of the car in motion, in a very short period of time and distance, promptly reduce the speed or stop. For the driver, the most frightening than the brake system failure is a problem, a serious and even lead to brake failure.

Fault brake system includes brake jitter, deviation and abnormal sound, the owner usually should regularly check the brake system of the vehicle, to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Brake System Troubleshooting

Fault brake system includes a brake jitter, deviation brake, brake abnormal sound. Under normal circumstances, if the brake pedal while driving was both high and hard, or that the brake booster has a problem and needs replace the brake booster to solve the problem. Such as when the brake pedal, the pedal position is very low, then continuously riding, pedal position can not be increased, feeling stiff, due to this leakage or the brake master cylinder pressure relief or to replace the brake master cylinder to solve the problem. Such as brake hoses interface Mifengbuyan or aging, leading to oil leakage, the brake does not work, which requires replacement of the tubing. As can be clearly seen on the tires free of dirt, dark oil, which either brake cylinder leak or stuck, this failure is generally no longer ring seal, replace repair.

There is, brake deviation mainly eccentrically worn brake pads or brake cylinder problems. The brakes when driving, braking system if a sharp sound of metal friction, mostly because brakes appeared thinner backplane grinding brakes, brake the film will lead to a foreign body in the case of abnormal noise occurs.

Focus on checking brake fluid brake pads

In the daily inspection, brake fluid and brake pads are brake systems need to focus on two areas of concern. Brake oil too dirty or too high water content can cause soft brake, brake pads wear too large, the braking force and the brakes fall iso ring. Bakes occur in the course of normal wear and tear, according to the need for timely replacement of wear and tear. If not replaced, will cause reduced braking efficiency, braking distances increase, easily lead to accidents. Brake fluid medium is passed braking force, brake fluid, if there are air bubbles hinder transfer braking force and reduce braking performance, resulting in increased braking distance.

According to reports, a good quality brake pads brown rough surface, friction coefficient, good braking effect, and the friction material and the metal plate firmly installed, not falling, noise during braking, long service life. The brake pads of inferior surface is smooth, low friction coefficient, braking effect is poor, and the friction material and the metal plate is not securely installed, there may come off when the emergency brake, affecting safety of driving, braking noise, short life.

With forty thousand kilometers of brake fluid needs to be changed

Due to the different owners of individual driving habits, the frequency and degree of wear of brake pads brake will vary. Brakes can not simply be calculated according to the number of kilometers the replacement cycle, to decide whether to replace the actual wear. Owners usually have to regularly check the thickness of the Brake Pad China, when their thickness is found that the minimum should be close to or smaller than a predetermined replaced immediately. The brake system of the vehicle is divided into disc brakes and drum brakes, check the brake pads at the same time, also check brake disc or brake drum wear, such as contact surfaces should be promptly dent drum or disc, and ensure the brakes contact area, improve the braking force.

For automotive brake oil, before moving to check the level of brake fluid. Found oil declined to immediately check the brake oil leaks place. When the vehicle needs to be replaced after forty thousand kilometers brake oil, brake oil because otherwise the use of time is too long and water points, lower boiling point, so that when the braking effect of variation.



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