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Stanley Dec 7

Pirate Browser provides a great deal to offer when it comes to operation. Fundamentally, it gives you access to torrents thru Pirate Bay. Additionally, you can check out the torrent download portal anytime free of compromising your privacy. This implies you can surf the web securely from anywhere approximately the world.

For those who are questioning what on earth is so exclusive about the browser, you will have to keep in your mind that it has been produced using the most desirable areas of every single from the renowned browsers you employ day by day. Pirate Browser is a mixture of the Torrent shopper Vidalia, the Firefox 23 portable browser considering the FoxyProxy extension and a few other shortcuts that will make your daily life much simpler.

Immediately after the installation is complete, a portable version in the Firefox browser are usually seen and it could possibly be applied at any given time. It could possibly then be saved on a Flash drive or it could possibly be uploaded for afterwards use by your Dropbox account. The browser proficiently integrates the Vidalia Torrent client to secure your connections so you can surf the web safely and securely.

Not simply is it possible to access blocked web sites however , you will attain access to online services which are only given in specific nations around the world. Pirate Browser guarantees you're not currently being tracked which happens to be perfect for individuals who are concerned about compromising their anonymity. The browser is simple to work with and can make your life much simpler.