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paint has been relatively high, transparent water-based paint The proportion of up to 40% to 70% in the wood flooring coatings market, the European countries, the proportion of water-based 5% to 80% range, in the industrial wood coatings market, the proportion of water-based paint in about 7%.

Although the proportion of waterborne wood coatings in the entire industrial woodworking production in Europe and the United States is small, the growth rate is very alarming, with an annual growth rate of 9%, which is mainly affected by increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

At the fifth European Coatings Conference, waterborne wood coatings were listed as an important issue. At present, the basic legislation on alternative or reduced organic solvents worldwide is becoming more stringent, especially in North America and Europe.

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the price somewhat fall after a rise, those who stimulated a businessman buy intention; The influence that was risen 2016 by end prices, Plastic Panels Home Exterior rare material price rises bigger, the price after year was not adjusted all the time however,

make market stocks keep simple black wood fence long in stock, price house does not fall high. For example Dong Yang, on market of 1-2 month Dong Yang, relatively popular breed is Xiaoba beautiful pear of pear of recycled wood plastic composite manufacture lumber horse of acid of flower, blame, flyspeck,

red hophornbeam, safflower, kinds of composite deck boards West Africa, the amount that is not acerbity plank among them is large, achieve 500 ark above every months on average, a lot of African material breed will replace former breed, make the market replace material.

of / European Ju wood rises in price. According to businessman report, the marine expenses of course of near future Europe rises continuously, 400 sq ft of deck go up had achieved almost year ago 3 times the left and right sides, the stock cost of Ju wood also lasts to rise accordingly.

Suffer this effect, the value take armstrong vinyl wainscoting ceilings advantage of an opportunity of wood of Ju of home market Europe rises, go up about 50, 100 yuan / stere left and right sides. The businessman is mirrorred at the same time, although the terminal sale price of Ju wood rose, but go up cannot catch up with cost far however rise extent,how much the average wpc deck cost agency dare not go

up easily tone price, profit also is compressed ceaselessly accordingly. Wood of Guangdong market Ju is at present long 0.7, 2m, thick 2.5, 6cm, farm white wooden fence wholesale class A quotes 5000, 5300 yuan / stere. Chongqing one businessman sells the refund that be sentenced man-made board when American red oak and compensate 2.85 million Spend 950 thousand bought real

You do not think every day scrub a lot of trouble? Second, the Nordic furniture, Simple and elegant design, simple and clear color, elegant and refreshing wood, which is the Nordic Scandinavian style. Nordic furniture has been hot for two years, this brighter,

more simple, more Country-of-the-art furniture is, of course, more suitable for a relatively small layout of Chinese homes, and even if it is not for simplicity, you should also look at it. The most fashionable home design concept is simple.Lost embodied in the architectural function of the space.

to simplify the separation of the space, the decoration on the simple decoration. Do not think about your house to add a Roman column or gypsum line, the most 4, the solid wood flooring de-listed, so that the floor to strengthen the wood you still use solid wood flooring?

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The 5 requirements of interior decoration decorative wood-based panels and their products in formaldehyde emission should meet the requirements of Table 1. Table 1 Test method and limit value of formaldehyde emission in wood-based panel and its products Product name.

Test method Limited value Use range Limited mark Medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard, particleboard, oriented particleboard and other perforation extraction method �� 9mg / 100g can be used directly Indoor E1 �� 30mg / 100g must be treated after finishing can be used for indoor E2 plywood,

decorative veneer veneer plywood, blockboard and other dryer method �� 1.5mg / L can be used directly for indoor E1 �� 5.0mg / L must (Including impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, impregnated film paper facing wood-based panels, etc.

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the compound wood that discharges formaldehyde colophony to be made, in through original 3 months (without add formaldehyde) or Solid Wood Flooring Company 6 months (super- low discharge formaldehyde) after test period, can reduce test number permissibly, or obtain two years of exempt tripartite test and calibrating.

According to statistic, city of peaceful 2016 wave exports wood to the United States (the furniture that contain wood) 7045 batches, rooftop decks wood tile goods is worth 127 million dollar, occupy our city wood to export total 1/3 the left and right sides. Examine quarantine reminds relevant export business here: It is to pay close tongue and grove mahogany wood for sale attention to formaldehyde of American

compound wood closely to release the relevant requirement such as standard of set limit to and label, strengthen the communication with foreign backyard flooring yourself client, had done as early as possible answer preparation; 2 it is to strengthen right former the management of complementary makings, catch good qualification to offer square assess, what use the company

Between advance and retreat, good luck just is shown. In Wei Tang the fine be apt to inside area of street industry garden in workshop of limited 4 Boards Horse Fence Price In Denmark company of furniture of 10 thousand sources, a brand-new furniture production facilities is being debugged in insecurity in. "Purchase new facility this, we were thrown 7 million. " Pan Zhicheng of

controller of limited company of furniture of 10 thousand sources introduces fine be apt to. In the past, this enterprise is in village of Wood Plastic Composite 2X4 Floor Waterproof heat of north and south in order to produce joinerywood deck gazebo mounting ideas board give priority to, vacate during

retreating, workshop removes to Wei Tang street industry garden, industrial catenary outspread arrived furniture is made. It is reported, composite panel manufacturers this new facility once put into production, the annual produce of this enterprise will from 10 million rise to 40 million.

Xiamen to attend the meeting and speak. Conference specially invite " joinery board " the standard basically drafts person, Heilongjiang to save Wang Chunming of outdoor pavilion floor designs institute of science of lumber of Lin Ke courtyard's researcher, " container motherboard uses plywood " the standard basically drafts person,

country man-made board and quality of Mu Zhu product are supervised examine central Yang Fan's chief engineer parts to undertake explain and answering to 2 states level doubt.used decking material on sale To cooperate " joinery board " standard announce as string of 1000 cash, courtyard of product quality supervision and inspection of city of Xiamen of conference build small table with deck boards specially invite Dr. Yang Yue flying makes a problem be " Chinese joinery board product quality analyses a report " .

To ascertain a state qualitative check total bureau begins to carry out from 2017 " build ego of standard of Wu of company product kimono to statement is made public and supervise a system to work " , academy of Inc. of new material of adornment of labor charge for wood fence install darling of hare of De Hua of conference specially invite Dean Zhan Xianxu makes a problem be " shallow a few experience in talking about an enterprise to standardize the job " thematic report.

E-1333-96 (2002) or clause of be enslaved to be enslaved to (Ii) the test method of ASTM D-6007-02 undertakes quarterly sex checks, tongue and groove timber exterior cladding and "(Ii) should according to ASTM D-6007-02, ASTM D-5582, perhaps make method of built this kind of other test undertake quality controls a test through regulation by superintendency branch. "(B) in the clause

(A) (I) or (Ii) next getting besides ASTM E-1333-96 (2002) the equivalent sex that the test of the other method beyond must include Highway guardrail plastic fencing to make superintendency pattern in order to superintend a branch show through regulation as a result. "(C) unless otherwise specified, superintendency branch should be made cedar tongue and groove decking through regulation build make clear accord with

the test number that releases standard place to need and frequency. "(4) applicability- - paragraph (1) in narrates formaldehyde releases a level, how to hang a deck gate below following circumstances, no matter be hardwood plywood, medium fine board or particieboard is applicable- - "(A) its form is versed in for unfinished board; Or "(B) embedded already finishing

finishing commodity business or manufacturer are produced, the product is embedded among them. "(4) industrialized residence- - " cheap wood decking singapore of term " industrialized residence is to point to federal statute the definition that place of section of 24 CFR 3280.2 gives out (in according to bar (D) go into effect begins since the date that regulation releases) .

"(5) in fine board- - term " is medium fine board " is to point to comprise character by fiber, shape with suppress working a way, 150mm X 25mm Fireproof and Waterproof WPC Decking the beaverboard that handled with colophony (decide by standard ANSI A208.2-2009) . "(6) modular the residence- - term " is modular residential " is to point to one is used Cheap Floor Ideas For Covering Subfloors in the factory or the house that many module

build- - "(A) this locality of the area that every module accords with national laws and regulations and residence to will be located Best Prices On Veranda Composite Decking builds code; And "(B) carry create a spot to the residence, be installed on foundation and finish. "(7) the colophony that did not add formaldehyde- - "(A) normally- - (I) the colophony that term " did not add

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