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The developer of video transcoder has published a warning note saying that the Apple Mac users who have installed the application could have their Mac infected from a Trojan malware program. The possibility is as viable as the developer has directed the users not to install the program until the technical problems are addressed. According to the warning note, the developer has said that original HandBrake-1.0.7.dmg installer file on mirror server download.handbrake.fr had been put back by an infected file.    

The infected server has been put on technical investigation so as to find out the reason and troubleshoot the same so as to resume the mechanism as soon as possible. When I came through the piece of information on some websites, I, right away, approached my technician to know more about it as I had installed the application. I wondered whether my Apple Mac system was exposed to such sorts of malicious threats. I also sought for a real-time and accurate Apple Mac support to get rid of the malware threat immediately without any delay. 


As per my technicians and other experts from different reliable websites, the new Trojan malware has been identified with some new and unique variant of OSX.PROTON, a Mac-based remote access Trojan malicious element. Though Apple has started upgrading its newly introduced security software XProtect, but you should never kill your productive time. Go for a reliable technical resolution and remove the Trojan malware program from your Apple Mac right now.

If the official helpdesk is taking time in helping you, then you may contact my reliable technician through his toll-free Apple Mac customer service number for an immediate access to the helpdesk.

Once you remove the malicious elements from your Apple Mac, you need to update the security software on your Mac whenever it is available. For more information on the security software for Apple Mac, you may go to either the official page or its community page https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7486444?start=0&tstart=0 to get through the users’ and experts’ discussion over the way how you can update the security software.

It is true that an Apple Mac can hardly be exposed to any malicious elements, but with some previous incidents, you need to be careful and aware of some possible malicious program. Keep on implementing precautionary measures so as to ensure a complete immunity to your Apple Mac against any malware program.  

External Link:http://myvajra.com/pals/blogs/entry/Troubleshooting-Apple-Mac-Startup-Issues-with-Effective-Techniques | https://goo.gl/MYGsVr | http://bit.ly/2jXDxDx