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Alpi Tyagi

Car Parts

In the mid summers it 's hard to sit in a car, but when you have air conditioning in your vehicle, it is quite easy for you to drive for long distance. All credits to technology for fixing the air conditioning in a car. Air conditioning is a universal today; it is impossible to imagine drive without air conditioning in a car. Automotive AC came up in 1939, and in 1940 it spread over the country. People have adopted this technology with great pleasure. The air conditioning system looks complicated to understand, but it is quite easy to go through it. If you understood how system delivers cold and fresh air, then you can be better informed. It is important so that if any problem occurs, you can quickly fix it.

Air conditioning and cooling unit

Air conditioning system and engine cooling system influence each other through two different groups. It puts more load on the engine cooling system and hence the coolant temperature of the engine rises. Additives contained in the coolant not only protect it from frost but also against engine overheating. Coolant composition increases the boiling point of the medium to above 120 °C. It is important during the summer season as the high temperature, and long trips pressurize air conditioning system and cooling system.

Air Conditioning Unit

It is important to control the climate in the vehicle, and for controlling it requires refrigerant circuit and coolant circuit. It can be achieved by mixing cold and warm air for generating climatic condition and completely dependent on outer shape. The air conditioning system is crucial factor safety and driving with comfort. The refrigerant circuit is connected with the tubes and aluminum pipes which are powered by the compressor.

The circuit has two sides

·         The section between the compressor and the expansion valve is the high-pressure side.

·         The section between the expansion valve and the compressor is the low-pressure side.

The temperature of the compressor increases when compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant over high temperature. As a result, it changes its state and heat is removed. Contaminants are removed from the air by filters, removes humidity and ensures that the effectiveness of the system.

How they work

The refrigerant is sucked in as a gas under low pressure and low temperature from the evaporator; it is then compressed and forwarded to the condenser as a gas under high temperature and high pressure.

About Truckcare

TRUCKCAREis the prestigious company in the automotive market; it is a UAE based company located in Dubai. Not only that, it is a leading name in the market for catering all the automobile spare parts. The vehicle can only operate if parts are of best quality. Truckcare is one of the renowned web based portals which deals in the automobiles. The entity is a B2B portal which accommodates the complete range of the genuine product. Truckcare covers around 150 brands in OEM and Replacement parts, heavy equipment Cars Parts, truck parts and other automobile applications. 

Alpi Tyagi

Suspension system parts play a vital role in driving smooth; you will feel uncomfortable if the suspension system isn't working properly. If you install important suspension part, you need to worry about any bumps, and you can quickly drive with ease. There are several kinds of suspension part.


It is little but important part of the suspension system; it is made up of synthetic rubber which split into two steel parts. This artificial rubber helps the steel part to work correctly. Not only that it also helps the suspension parts to move freely.

Control Arm

It is also known as wishbone. The shape of this suspension part is triangular; it looks like 'A.' There are two sides of the control arm. One is connected to a steering knuckle with a ball joint, and the other end is attached to an arm pole with bushing.

Sway Bar

Sway Bar is also known as stabilizer bars; A sway bar is employed in car suspension system to decrease the jerk caused by irregular highway surfaces. It also keeps good hold over the vehicle on the poor roads so that you could drive safely.

Ball Point

Ballpoint is a sphere-shaped bearing. The primary function of this part is to connect the control arm and knuckle. It is responsible for the safe procedure, and it is known as the essential element between the suspension and steering. The only difference between  these and standard ball joints is that the tight ball joints don't need lubricants because they're already covered with lubricant, while standard ball joint parts require regular lubing otherwise it can lose control.

Idler Arms & Pitman Arms

These parts depend upon the steering linkage; the pitman arms are situated opposite to the idler arms. The pitman's arms help to steer the steering wheel; it is due to one of its end is mounted on the vehicle steering items.

Suspension in an automobile system consists of spring used to suspend the frame, body, and engine. Its primary purpose is, to lower the jarring of the vehicle caused by the irregularities caused on the roads. The wheels of the vehicle accelerate, stop and steer it, the suspension serve to keep the wheels in close contact with the road surface all the time. The types of spring in the suspension system consist of leaf springs, coil springs, torsion bars, and air springs. There have been many changes in the new suspension. Some vehicles have rear wheels suspended independently.

About Truckcare

TRUCKCAREis the prestigious company in the automotive market; it is a UAE based company located in Dubai. Not only that, it is a leading name in the market for catering all the automobile spare parts. The vehicle can only operate if parts are of best quality. Truckcare is one of the renowned web based portals which deals in the automobiles. The entity is a B2B portal which accommodates the complete range of the genuine product. Truckcare covers around 150 brands in OEM and Replacement parts, heavy equipment Cars Parts, truck parts and other automobile applications. 

Nidhi Tyagi

Strut failure rarely happens, but you need to figure out what went wrong. Like any other car part, you have to determine the problem. Driving on worn struts can cost you because your tires are quickly worn out. It can also cause damage to other parts such as ball joints, suspension, control arm bushing, etc. Worn struts are dangerous as they increase your stopping distance by almost ten ft. from 60 mph and cause steering instability, especially on curves at higher speeds. Replacing struts use to be a hazardous job, you had to compress the spring, and don't let the spring to come out. Nowadays you can buy a complete strut assembly that eliminates the strut disassembly process. These assemblies allow you to replace both of the front struts yourself in less than two hours. Here are some scenarios which indicate strut failure:

•    Downward movement during breaking: When struts go bad on the heavy vehicle, braking will produce a nosedive action. Struts help support and stabilize during the break no shock absorption exists then sudden movement could take place.

•    Too much bouncing: Car bounce over a speed breaker, excessive bouncing could lead to strut shot. Right strut helps you to limit the after shot, whereas bad strut makes it next to impossible.

•    Poor tires wear: Worn tires are not rotor and brake pads fault, few things will wear out tires faster.

•    Fluid leak: The hydraulic fluid which helps your strut function for optimal internal pressure. If there is a hole in a strut, then fluid starts leaking.


Replacement of Strut step by step

•   Remove the brake line support: The first step is to remove the brake line support if your car has one, it doesn't matter that all the cars have brake line support at strut assembly.

•    Remove the pinch bolt: Strut is held at the bottom of the pinch bolt, this might take time, use the breaker bar if you need to pull out more, or you can do with the air tool.

•    Drop the sway bar: The next step involves dropping up of the sway bar, to expose the bar link the sway bar is connected to the strut.

•    Remove the top strut bolt: You need to put the jack under the brake disc and relieve a little pressure on the strut.

•    Replace that link: Remove the link that joins the strut and the sway bar and changes it to the new one. Add little grease to the link and lubricate it.

•    Reattach & Tighten it up: Restore the mounting and attachment points, in the same manner as they were removed. Tighten them and get ready for the smooth driving.


About Truck care

Truckcare is the prominent company in the market for providing genuine car parts in the market; the company has been working for a long time in meeting the requirement of the customers. Truckcare ensures the reliability and durability of the car parts. The entity associated with leading brands of the market. Truckcare plays a vital role in maintaining the proper condition of your vehicle. Car parts Apart from that, the company work as per the global market parameters to meet up the customer's demand. Truckcare has captured the market for the automotive industry. The enterprise deals with OEM, replacement and genuine parts. It works for the B2B platform. Truckcare believes in the complete authenticity of the product. 



Alpi Tyagi

There is a flawless innovation in a car which is economical, productive and ecological.It is astonishing that a machine is controlled and driven by a fluid. It is possible to fabricate the engine which will go quickly and control the consumption of fuel. Such approach is used to enhance the engine and utilize the turbocharger. A couple of the fans used to remove waste fume power from the back of the engine. The turbocharged engine is as old as the internal combustion engine. It is introduced by Gottlieb Damlier and Rudolf Deisel, so as to reduce the fuel consumption and also to increase the force by precompression of air supplied to the engine.

What are Turbochargers?

A turbocharger is an exhaust-driven air compressor; it is defined by the amount of air it pumps. A turbocharger is beneficial to inhale the energy by increasing its efficiency. It utilizes two fans mounted on a single shaft. Each fan work inside the corridor and they utilize same standard as the ordinary wheel. The exhaust gasses spin the ultimate fan. The first fan drives a second fan functioning in the other passage, where the approaching air is being directed into the engine. One fan turns from the exhaust going out and pushes the air. The more you pint down on the gas pedal, the more the exhaust gasses drive the support of incoming air into your engine.Air helps to create the power.

Difference between Turbocharger and supercharger

Turbocharger and supercharger are known as forced induction system. It refers to the air streaming engine which gives more energy to the car. There is a primary difference between the turbocharger and supercharger.

Turbocharger: It is used exhaust streaming for energy which runs through the turbine and spins the compressor. It is not directly connected to the engine and consist of smog altering equipment which lower down the carbon emission. The turbocharger was able to have RPM speed which is 30 times faster than the conventional engine. It takes time to boost the turbine. The size can impact the power of the turbine.Turbocharge impact on high altitude.

Supercharger: It is used to crankshaft the energy and produce power for the engine, it is directly connected with the engine belt, smog emits from the supercharger. The rotation of the crankshaft spins the turbine. Turbine and compressor are linked to the same shaft. When the crankshaft rotates, the turbine and compressor of the shaft also rotate. It produces energy while turning.

About Truckcare

TRUCKCAREis an Automotive Aftermarket division of a leading business group based in Dubai. It has emerged as one of the most reliable Automobile Spare Parts dealer for Cars Parts, Trucks, Trailers & other heavy equipment as well as commercial vehicles in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and CIS region, since its establishment in 1986. In the context of regional market demand, and technological advancement of automotive aftermarket industry, it developed a specialized ecommerce portal for the industry and market, utilizing its industrial and technological expertise .