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Priyanka Sharma

May marks a beautiful month, which contains one of the most beautiful days of a person’s life, the Mother’s Day. Any person will agree in one go that mothers are the most wonderful humans on the planet and welcomes everyone with utmost happiness and smile. 

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Priyanka Sharma

Mothers are probably, rather definitely the most precious creation of god on the earth. How many of you share the same feeling. You do, right?But have you lately expressed your feelings to your mom? For most of us answer is no.Or for that matter.

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Priyanka Sharma

A mother is a true god for everyone on this earth. She works hard, feeds you and will try to give you whatever you need in your life. She is the first teacher for her children. She also plays a vital role in bringing you up and ensures you to stand up on your legs. 

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Priyanka Sharma

There is one of the strongest relationships that hold utmost importance in our life and that is our relationship with our mother. There is no one who can replace our mother in our lives. Actually, we do not have a life of our own without having our mother in it. 

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Priyanka Sharma

The most pure and pious relationship in the world is that of mother and child. We all on this earth by the grace of our mother. She took us in her womb for 9 months where we grew up slowly and now transformed into an adult human being. 

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Priyanka Sharma

Mother’s day is a special day, more for the children than the mother. Though it is true that no special day is needed to celebrate mother’s love, yet this day is something which everyone follows to remind their mothers of their love, care and dedication. 

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Priyanka Sharma

Anything and everything we have in our life is owed to our mothers. All that we have achieved and gained in our life, our mothers are to be thanked for that. Mothers are known to be the most amazing beings on the face of this earth.

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Priyanka Sharma

The mother is the greatest person on earth for any child. They say, since God cannot be present on earth all the time for his children, he created a mother for every child. Such is the status of this lovely creation by God himself. 

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