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Shanise Williams

If you’re in the mood to make some positive changes, you might be interested in the latest trends in the world of health. A number of trends that were big in 2017 are expected to continue this year. If you hop on the train now, you’ll be in good company, and you’ll be able to find plenty of others to help with motivation when you hit roadblocks.

1. The Keto Diet

Ketosis is a state in which your body burns fat instead of carbs. This is ideal for those wishing to lose body fat and maintain a trim figure. The ketogenic diet, which features a high fat, low carb and moderate protein meal plan, is designed to keep your body in a ketogenic state. Along with weight loss, other benefits of this include stabilized blood sugar, increased energy levels and even improved sleep patterns.

Everyone likes a diet that allows them to eat rich, fatty foods. The keto diet became quite popular in 2017, and considering its effectiveness, it isn’t likely to fall off the radar anytime soon. If you look online, you’ll find a number of amazing keto recipes. If you’re a fan of coconut, you’ll have an easy time on this diet plan. There are more keto recipes featuring coconut milkthan there are in any other popular diet plan.

2. Charcoal Beauty Products

Years ago, most people wouldn’t have considered charcoal a “healthy” material. However, over the last few years, charcoal-containing beauty products have been popping up all over the market. Charcoal is naturally absorbent, so applying it to the skin on your face can help pull dirt, oil and toxins from your pores. The stuff works to produce remarkably clean skin, and since the results can’t be denied, the trend is likely to stick around for some time.

3. Stepping Away from Social Media

Social media is obviously still very popular in 2018, and it will continue to be a huge part of our lives in the future. However, now that the reality of social media has really begun to sink in, we are starting to see the effects it has on society. Not only do these sites and apps have the potential to spread false information like a wildfire, but they also might be harming our health.

Smartphone and social media addiction is a real issue. Studies are showing that our social media usage has a variety of negative effects, especially on young people. For this reason, many people are taking a step back to evaluate how we can use social media in a healthy manner.

If you would like to limit your social media usageand find yourself struggling, new apps like Momentallow you to put a cap on how often you check your profiles throughout the day. Removing social media from your phone and only checking in when you’re on a PC is another option.

4. Plant-based Diets

Vegetarianism has been popular for quite a while, but in 2017, concerns about climate change and other environmental issues began to hit home for many people.

There are also major health concerns associated with eating meat. In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified processed meatas a cancer-causing carcinogen. Along with that, eating plant-based has been shown to offer many benefits, including lowered cholesterol.

It’s become increasingly popular to be a conscious consumer, which means the number of vegetarians is likely to continue rising throughout 2018. If you're also interested in the keto diet, you'll be pleased to learn there are many keto vegetarian recipes.

Whether you choose to adopt one of these trends or not, it’s always a smart idea to focus on bettering yourself. You don’t have to wait until another new year rolls around, either. Consider which trends might have a positive impact, and always talk to your doctor before making any major decisions with your health.

Kevin Gardner

I get that articles about almond milk are usually written by healthier people than me, but let me throw in my two cents.

Almond milk has been used for years as a substitute for cow milk and is readily available in stores or can be made at home with the use of a blender. Almond milk with its many health benefits is a great option for those who have cow milk intolerance or vegans. Almond milk is low in fat but high in energy and contains minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and a number of nutrients including vitamins E and C.

While almond milk has many health benefits it’s important to note that it doesn’t provide as much calcium or protein as cow’s milk, so there is a trade-off there. One cup of almond milk has one gram of protein while one cup of cow’s milk has eight grams and two milligrams of calcium versus 300 milligrams in cow’s milk. Commercial almond milk has dietary additives that add protein and calcium and may be thickened with carrageenan.

Heart health

Since there is no cholesterol in almond milk, it is ideal for a strong and healthy heart. Recent studies have suggested that consuming almonds helps reduce significantly the possibility of coronary heart disease. Many cardiovascular ailments can be traced to bad cholesterol levels. Almond milk is rich in potassium that acts as a vasodilator meaning it widens the arteries that reduces the strain and tension on the heart.

Kidney health

Certain minerals can be harmful to the kidneys in excessive amounts such as potassium and calcium. Almond milk contains much less phosphorus and potassium than soy and dairy products. People with acute or chronic kidney problems should try to limit the intake of foods that contain these minerals in high amounts and almond milk is ideal in this regard.

Skin Health

Keeping your skin in top conditionrequires different types of minerals and vitamins. Almond milk contains plenty of vitamin E, which is beneficial in maintaining good skin health. Along with vitamins, almond milk also has antioxidants, which help in repairing damaged skin. Both the almond milk that is sold commercially as well as the milk that is made at home contains these vitamins. In addition, it can be used to wash the skin and for the best results, rosewater can be added.

Muscle strength and blood sugar

Although almond milk only contains one gram of protein per serving, it contains plenty of B vitamins and iron, which are important for muscle growth and healing. Almond milk is very low in carbohydrates, so it will not cause a noticeable rise in blood sugar level, which reduces your risk of developing diabetes. The sugars aren’t stored as fat and the body will use the carbohydrates for energy.

Almond milk does not contain lactose or cholesteroland can be made by using a blender to grind the almonds with water after soaking them overnight. This is the simplest and easiest way to make the delicious and nutritious milk. It has a creamy texture and nutty flavor that is similar to cow’s milk. This is what makes it a popular choice for those with dairy intolerance or vegans.

Almond milk can also be purchased commercially. These drinks will have additional nutrients added to enrich the content of the product and come in different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or plain. For health reasons, it’s better to choose almond milk without any sugar added. Most brands are also enriched with minerals, vitamins or protein. If you are not eating dairy products, it may be beneficial if you choose products enriched with calcium to make up for any deficiency. Almond milk is very low in fat so you can add almond milk to your diet without any fear of putting on weight.

Cary Teller

A vegan bodybuilding program isn’t as difficult as you might suspect. In fact, the essential bodybuilding guidelines for the diet are the same for omnivores and vegans. The only difference is a vegan diet does not contain any products derived from animals. Doing something to motivate yourself like purchasing a new pair of yoga pantsor exercise clothes can help you stay on track to hit your goals.

Getting Enough Calories

Because a plant-based diet is much lower in calories than a conventional diet, you will need to pay special attention to your calorie intake. If you’re not getting enough calories, instead of building muscle tissue the body is forced to use existing muscle tissue and you don’t get the results you want from your hard work. The general recommendation is to try and get at least 15 calories for every pound you weigh.

Importance of Maintaining Omega 3 Levels

Athletes and bodybuilders want to make sure they are getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. A vegan athlete will get the omega-3s required but some athletes take dietary supplements to make sure. The ideal omega-3 supplement is ground flax. It puts less strain on the digestive system than flaxseed oil and has a lot of fiber.

Get Enough Protein

For bodybuilders, the nutrient that matters most is protein. This may be a concern for vegan athletes wondering if their diet has enough protein for bulking up muscle. It is possible, but you will need to monitor your protein levels. There are many tasty options for vegan protein such as quinoa, hummus, chia and peanut butter sandwiches made with Ezekiel bread. Bodybuilders can also combine protein powders made from brown rice, peas and hemp for complete proteins. Other vegan sources of protein include chickpeas, legumes, nuts, flax seeds, and various essential amino acids.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are essential amino acids that the body doesn’t produce. It helps in speeding up recovery from sore muscles, prevents the muscles from breaking down and stimulates the synthesis of protein. Most BCAAs are animal based, but there are vegan BCAA products. As a bodybuilding supplement, up to 10 grams of BCAA can be taken with breakfast and again just before you start your workout. Another five to 10 grams can be taken before bed.

The Workout

To build muscle, heavy weight and low reps may be enough. The workout can be 30 – 35 minutes long. If you want to do cardio, low-intensity sessions of biking, jogging or walking on a treadmill for 15 – 20 minutes two or three times a week make a great cardio workout for vegans. It is important to take a vegan-friendly protein drink about 20 before each cardio workout to prevent muscle loss.

There are guidelines you can hold to get the most out of your weightlifting experience. Try to keep your workouts should under 45 minutes. Each body part should be worked once a week, and this can be done by using heavy weights at low reps. Do three to four exercises for large muscle groups and two to three for small muscle groups. Reps of four to six for core lifts and six to 10 for all the other lifts.

Some of the Best Fruits and Veggies

Be sure to get a hold of the best fruits and veggetables for working out.

Quality fruits include:

  • Pineapples to reduce inflammation

  • Bananas for pre-workout for digestible carbs

  • Blueberries for vitamins and minerals suitable for working out

  • Cherries for fiber and good sleep

  • Peaches for potassium

  • Grapefruit for burning fat

Some hearty veggies for workouts include:

  • Spinach for iron

  • Broccoli for nutrients

  • Kale a superfood full of nutrients for building muscle

Just because you thrive on a meat-free diet doesn’t mean you can’t build muscle mass and achieve your fitness goals. A plant-based diet may be an even better way to have an effective workout. It is not about cutting meat from your diet but means you eat a nutritious diet of whole foods that provide your body with the nutrition it needs. You can grab your vegan protein shake and start your workout routine.

Kevin Gardner

A chiropractor is a medical professional who works to correct problems in the nervous and musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors may work in their own private practice or in healthcare facilities. In order to succeed in this career, there are certain things you need to do and consider. Otherwise, you will lack the skills as well as the qualifications required to perform your duties effectively.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The minimum entry level for most job positions in the US is a bachelor's degree. So, you need to get a bachelor’s degree to improve your career prospects. The most relevant degrees for this profession is a nursing and medicine degrees. These degree programs will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to diagnose, treat and provide appropriate care to patients suffering from problems affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Possible courses in this program include chemistry, biology, anatomy and physics.

Unlike other careers, those who aspire to become chiropractors must attend a chiropractic college. There are only a few schools in the United States that have a four-year degree program for chiropractors. Students usually take courses in human anatomy, diagnosis and medical philosophy.

However not all states require aspiring chiropractors to have a bachelor’s degree, so you need to check with your state for specific requirements. Some states may require you to have additional credits in continuing education after graduating from college.

Get a License

Most states require chiropractors to have a valid license from the relevant state bodies. However, before you are issued with a license, you must pass a three-part examination. In addition to this examination, you must have a clean criminal history and zero cases of disciplinary actions. If you have a criminal history, then it might be very difficult to obtain a license.

Gain Work Experience

You need to gain experience in order to excel in your career. Most colleges have internship programs that expose their students to practical aspects of being a chiropractor. Students learn how to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal and nervous system problems with the help of a supervisor. Alternatively, you can complete your degree program then look for an entry-level position as a chiropractor. You can join a hospital or work at a private practice, as long as it gives you the opportunity to gain more experience. It is also advisable you choose your area of specialty. You can specialize in pediatrics, sport injuries, neuropathy and back pain conditions.

Acquire Essential Skills

Being a chiropractor is a serious calling that requires someone who has the right skills set. Since you will be interacting directly with patients, you must be someone who has strong interpersonal skills. You must be able to create a conducive environment for the patients and make them comfortable to tell you about their problems. This means you have to be welcoming, ready to listen more and talk less and empathetic. Since you will be trying to find diagnosis to your patients' problems, you must be able to interrogate effectively. You must know what questions to ask and how to ask them so that the patients give you a comprehensive information about their problems. You must also have vast knowledge of the various techniques used to treat patients and understand how the human body works. You must also be able to make quick decisions during emergency situations and solve problems effectively.

Read and Learn More

The world of medicine is very diverse and dynamic. What you know today might be outdated and irrelevant tomorrow. Hence, you need to be an active reader and learner to keep up to speed with the current trends and events in the industry. Doing so will help you acquire new knowledge and insights and put you ahead of the rest. Read a lot of books in your field of specialization and join short courses to expand your knowledge base. There are so many short courses you can pursue online, but you need to make sure the courses are approved by the state licensing body before you take them.

Kevin Gardner

Bone broth has been touted as a miracle food for years. The claims surrounding it seem to be at odds with science, but there is no doubt that there are some benefits to adding it to your diet. Here are three ways you can enjoy what bone broth has to offer you.

Boost Your Immune System

Remember when you got sick with a cold or the flu, and you were prescribed chicken soup to make you feel better? There's a scientific reason for that. It appears that chicken - the meat and the bones - contain properties that may help reduce inflammationand fight off infection.

While this study is for chicken soup, bone broth is an equal substitute. You'll still be using plenty of vegetables and chicken parts, except you'll be using the bones more than the meat. But the warmth of the liquid and the nutritional value can help you, especially when you're feeling ill and you don't want to eat anything.

The best way to prepare your broth is to use organic foods. The lack of chemicals and pesticides make it more likely that your body will be absorbing wholesome, healthy nutrients. Jordan Rubin, author of "The Makers Diet"has been eating organic food most of his life. He swears by it, and claims he was able to turn his life around thanks to following an organic diet.

So if you're going to make bone broth, make sure you grab organic ingredients. It's a little more expensive, but, in the long run, it's actually much cheaper than buying cough medicine. The benefits of over-the-counter drugs are temporary. The benefits of bone broth will last a lifetime.

Enjoy More Energy

Kobe Bryant swears by bone broth.This iconic athlete has passed on his obsession to his teammates. Now the Los Angeles Lakers drink bone broth after their workouts, not just for nutritional benefits, but because it gives them a lot of energy.

The Lakers' chef takes eight hours to prepare enough bone broth to feed 30 people, which may be more like 60 or 90 if you consider the appetites of athletes. They take it after workouts to recover the nutrients in their body that they've lost. It's like a sports drink, but better. Kobe even has some as a pregame meal.

When you need energy, just have a cup of bone broth. Eight ounces can help you get your to-do list done without feeling that 2:30 pm "crash" that's common in our society today.

Lose a Bit of Weight

Bone broth is often touted as an aid for weight loss. Even Prevention recommends itin one of its diet plans to jump start your weight loss. Why is that?

Bone broth helps reduce your appetite, thus ensuring you eat less. Eating less translates to weight loss, but you don't want to starve yourself. The key is to use bone broth as a part of your weight loss plan, without ignoring the rest of your daily nutritional needs.

You'll still need fruits, vegetables, protein and plenty of water. But bone broth can provide a natural appetite suppressant while also providing you with vitamins and minerals. People usually take a multivitamin while on a diet, because their nutrition is lacking. But if you find the right diet, you won't need one.

What about all of those articles and experts saying bone broth does nothing for you? Well, remember that everyone's body is different. While there are no scientific studies that definitively conclude that bone broth is a super food, there are countless people out there who have been drinking bone broth for years. They can tell you, without a doubt, that the health benefits being touted are real.

However, the benefits are not instant. You will have to take bone broth for a few weeks before you start to notice any changes in your diet. There's no time like the present to start, so go find a recipe and get cooking.

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It's a common obstacle when you're trying to get in better shape – you need to work out, but you feel like there's not enough time in the day. When your daily schedule is already packed, it's difficult to add an hour-long exercise routine.

But there's no rule saying that you need to work out for half an hour or more each time. If you know what to do, you can get a great workout completed in 20 minutes or less, making it easy to stay active with minimal changes to your schedule. Here are three great simple, fast fitness routines that you should consider when you want to work out but you're short on time.

1. Running with Intervals

High-intensity interval training(HIIT) is a popular option for working up a sweat without spending an hour on your cardio. With HIIT, you could complete your workout in 10 minutes or less. All you need to do is switch between periods of high and low-intensity exercise.

You can give HIIT a try with any cardio you like, but this routine uses running. First, you should warm up to get the blood flowing and loosen up your muscles. After that, go through a series where you switch between jogging for 45 seconds and sprinting as fast as you can for 15 seconds. Depending on your current physical condition, you could do this for anywhere from five to 15 minutes.

Feel free to adjust the periods of jogging and sprinting as necessary. If you're unable to sprint for the full high-intensity period, then shorten it. If you're doing it easily, then extend the high-intensity period and shorten the low-intensity period.

2. Circuit Training with Resistance Bands

Circuit training essentially blends cardio with resistance training. You perform typical resistance exercises, such as pushups and squats, but you rest little or not at all in-between them.

Bodyweight exercises are a common choice for circuit training, because it's easy to go from one exercise to the next without delay. To add another element to the workout, you can incorporate resistance bandsinto a circuit routine. These can make certain exercises tougher and assist you in others. For example, if you want to know how to do more pull ups, consider using a resistance band to help with each rep and allow you to do more.

For a five-exercise resistance band circuit, try 20 reps each of set of pull ups, lunges, push ups, squats and bicep curls. Repeat this circuit three to four times for a full workout.

3. Jumping Rope

A jump rope is more than just a playground toy, as it's also an excellent way to do some quick cardio. You could just jump rope for 15 minutes straight, but you'll have a more exciting and effective workout if you try different jump rope moves.

When it comes to jump rope moves, you have your standard jump, jumping on alternating feet, jumping with alternating high steps, switching your feet as you jump and going from side to side as you jump. If you're especially good with a jump rope, you can give double jumps a try.

For a jump rope workout, choose a few moves you want to do and switch between them every three to five minutes. For example, you could start with four minutes of basic jumping, four minutes of side to side jumping, four minutes of alternate leg jumping and close it out with one minute of double jumps.

You can certainly get a solid workout completed in a short amount of time. All you need to do is stay active the whole time and be creative with your exercise choices. Give the routines above a try or use them as inspiration to set up a routine that's entirely your own.

Kevin Gardner

When it comes to the easy and hard things in life, unfortunately gaining weight is often “a piece of cake.” But as millions of Americans will tell you, losing weight and keeping it off is way more difficult than it sounds. Fortunately, fad diets and “miracle” weight loss pills have given way to eating better and exercising more. And yet America is still plagued by an unparalleled epidemic of obesity.

It’s not that our bodies are incapable of maintaining a healthy weight. The problem is that we’ve been going about it the wrong way. The human body is an amazing biochemical laboratory, capable of doing all kinds of amazing things to the betterment of our health. And so the key to tapping into our body’s ability to shed unhealthy fat and not gain it back is to take a scientific approach to losing weight. With that in mind, here’s a look at the science behind long-term weight loss.

Successful weight loss can be expressed scientifically in one simple sentence:

               Calories burned must be greater than calories consumed.

Caloriesare units of energy that provide the energy our bodies require to carry out normal functions. It’s science, but it’s not rocket science. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that in order to lose weight we need to expend more energy (burn more calories) than we take in. The challenge lies in figuring out how many calories you can ingest to achieve safe and healthy weight loss. And this is where some basic mathematical calculations enter the picture:

Basal Metabolic Rate or (BMR) is the first calculation you should make. Your BMR has to do with the amount of energy (expressed in calories) that your body needs to perform its normal functions. Think of your BMR as the number of calories your body would burn if you sat on the couch all day. No two people have the same BMR. It’s a function of your height, weight, age and gender. As you age your BMR decreases, making it more difficult each year to eat the same number of calories without gaining weight. An article on the health and fitness site dailyburn.com explains how to calculate your BMR.

Your Activity Factor is the next calculation that comes into play. Obviously you are not lying on the couch or in bed all day. So you need to factor in your level of daily activity to get a read on how many calories your body is actually burning each day. Factoring in a range of numbers from 1.2, which designates doing pretty much nothing all day, to a level of 1.9, which designates being very active on the job and working out nearly every day, your activity factor is determined by multiplying your BMR number by your activity level number. That number represents the number of calories you need each day to maintain your current weight at your current level of activity.

The number of calories to subtractfrom your diet each day to lose a healthy one pound of fat in one week is the final calculation you need to make. You must burn 3500 calories to shed one pound of fat. To do that in one week you simply divide 3500 by 7 to arrive at the number of calories you must subtract from your diet each day—500.

Here are some healthy weight loss tips to help you do just that—and keep the weight off long term.

Drink plenty of water—Proper hydration keeps cellular metabolism working more optimally, so you’ll burn fat more efficiently. In addition, drinking water throughout the day helps curb your appetite.

Don’t skip breakfast—Skipping breakfast can actually fool your body into thinking that it’s in “starvation mode”, which can result in a reduction of your metabolic rate. Eating breakfast—especially a high protein breakfast–can keep your body in ketosis---fat burning mode---throughout the morning. Studies show that people who skip breakfast have a much higher risk of becoming obese and developing adult onset diabetes.

Eat fresh unprocessed foods—Processed foods typically lose much of their nutritional value. Make sure that eating less means eating healthier by focusing on a balanced diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein.

Consider supplements—Eating fewer calories can lead to nutritional deficiencies, even when you are eating fresh unprocessed foods. Taking high quality nutritional supplements that your body can actually use---such as those produced by companies

such as Nu Skin, can help boost your immune system and contribute to your general health and well being. For more information check out this Glassdoor Nu Skin review.

Graze throughout the day—Your body was never meant to conform to a rigid 3 meals a day regimen. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day, such as carrots or a handful of almonds, is a good way to keep your energy levels up and your appetite down. Plus you’ll burn more calories throughout the day.

These and other tips can go a long way in helping you to finally lose fat for the long term.

Kevin Gardner

Are you thinking about reducing the amount of meat and dairy products that you consume on a daily basis? If so, you'll be happy to learn that these days there is no shortage of vegetarian replacement options available to 'stand-in' for these food groups.

Here are some of our favorite vegetarian food replacements.

Vegetarian Meat Replacement Products

TVP -TVP is an acronym for Texturized Vegetable Protein. TVP is made from Soybeans and comes in dehydrated form. Once hydrated with water or broth, TVP has the consistency of traditional ground beef. This meat replacement can get used when cooking chili, tacos, stuffed green peppers, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, or other recipes that call for ground beef. With only 80 calories and no cholesterol per serving, this is a heart-healthy option.

Mushrooms -Mushrooms are a near perfect vegan meat replacement because they are an all-natural (not processed,) low calorie, and highly nutritional food. Mince and saute them to use them as a ground beef replacement or lightly grill a giant portobello mushroom in place of a hamburger or steak. Like TVP, mushrooms are low-calorie, cholesterol-free meat-free alternative.

Seitan -Seitan is another option for people who are interested in adding some variety to their diet. If you love cooking, you can make your seitan at home using gluten, the primary protein found in wheat. Just wash the wheat flour doughusing water, removing all starch granules. When done correctly, you'll have a sticky insoluble gluten that you cook before eating. Other names that Seitan is known as include Wheat Meat and Gluten-Meat.

Dairy-Free Dairy Products

Milk -If you're looking for a non-dairy option to replace traditional milk you are in fantastic luck! These days, consumers can choose from milk made from Almonds, Cashews, Soy, Coconuts, and blends of these ingredients. These products are available in Unsweetened, Sweetened, and in Natural, Vanilla, or Chocolate flavors. Unsweetened Dairy Free milks contain as low as 30 calories per serving and no cholesterol. These kinds of milk may contain carrageenan extractto improve the texture and taste of the product.

Butter - If you can't fathom the thought of giving up butter, there is good news. You don't have to! Earth Balance is a vegan butter replacement that can get used when cooking or to top a steaming, hot baked potato. Earth Balance is available in several varieties including Original, Soy Free, Organic Whipped, and Olive Oil spreads.

Cheese- For those who are lactose intolerant, dairy-free cheese offers you the opportunity to enjoy cheesy foods without all of the pain and discomfort regular cheese causes. Daiya and Field Roast brand Dairy Free cheeses are available sliced and shredded, making them ideal for topping pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and more. Popular varieties include cheddar and mozzarella-style shreds. Nutritional Yeastis another vegan product that can be used to add a creamy, cheesy flavor to popcorn, pasta, and potatoes. Nutritional Yeast offers B-Vitamin support for the body.

Desserts - Not ready to give up Ice Cream? Not a problem! You can still enjoy Dairy-Free Ice Cream guilt free! Dairy-free ice cream is made using any of the Dairy Free kinds of milk mentioned above. Ben & Jerry's and Soy Delicious are two of the most popular brands for Dairy-Free Dessert options. You can choose from novelty bars, pints, or quarts. You can find these treats in the Dairy-Free freezer section of your favorite grocery store.

The Magic Of Tofu

Tofu is a very flexible vegetarian food option. For best results, you should always drain tofu before using it. To replace eggs, season well with a bit of paprika and salt and pan fry. Other options include deep-fried Buffalo tofu or seared over a BBQ grill to get served as a steak. Tofu can also get used to thicken shakes and add a protein boost!

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Kevin Gardner

Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons associated with skiing in Utah. The list is long on either side, and it’s up to you to make the decision to partake or sit this one out. Participating in ski activities can be fun and exhilarating, but it can also be devastating if you’re injured while on the slopes. It’s important to note injuries happen far less than enjoyment, but it’s entirely possible you or someone you love could end up hurt on the slopes. It’s things like this that make weighing the pros and cons so important in the decision-making process.

Skiing is Great Exercise

If you decide to take a trip to the mountains in Utah and go on a ski trip, you’re going to do your body some serious good. Skiing is great exercise. Exercise is good for your body, your mind, and your spirit. The act of being physical provides your body a chance to overtake stress and anxiety-causing hormones with endorphins. Your mood improves, your body gets the kind of exerciseit needs to maintain good health, and your stress level decreases significantly.

The fresh air and the sunshine don’t hurt, either. Being outside in nature has an innate way of making you feel refreshed, healthier, and happier. Being in the sunlight provides your body with Vitamin D, which is important to your overall health. Exercising outdoors like this helps you make better decisions when it’s time to eat, and it helps you sleep better. When you sleep better, you feel better. Skiing in Utah has the potential to provide your life with so much more than just entertainment.

Skiing is Dangerous

Like any physical activity, skiing is not always safe if you’re not aware of what you’re doing and how to stay safe. If you do go skiing and haven’t done it before, it’s a good idea to take some courses and lessons on how to stay safe and make wise decisions on the slopes. There are dangers involved with skiing whether you’re an expert skier or someone who is being introduced to the slopes for the first time.

-Collisions with other skiers

-Attempting to ski slopes you’re not comfortable with, familiar with, or good enough for

-Skiing in areas not meant for skiing

There are numerous other dangers, but these are some of the most common for those who do hit the slopes. It’s imperative to learn how to navigate the area where you are skiing, where to go, where not to go, and what things mean when you are skiing and see signs instructing you where to go and what to do.

Injuries and Skiing

If you’re worried about injuring yourself on the slopes, you’re not alone. The good news is most people go skiing and have a great time. They leave with little more than some sore muscles and a lot of information they didn’t have before. Unfortunately, there is always a chance someone might end up hurt on the slopes. One of the biggest risk factors is being hit by another skier. Don’t worry, though, because it’s not always your fault. Talking to a personal injury attorney in Salt Lake Citycan ease your mind about your role in a ski accident by informing you there is hope for you to collect damages if someone else caused your accident.

Skiing is fun, and fear of an accident, injury, or unfortunate event shouldn’t stop you from wanting to participate in this kind of activity. There is no life to be had by fearing to live life. It is, however, a wise idea to spend time focusing on how well you can prepare yourself for your next vacation. Everything has good points and bad, but you need to learn to choose the good over the bad and enjoy your life.

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