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In the mid summers it 's hard to sit in a car, but when you have air conditioning in your vehicle, it is quite easy for you to drive for long distance. All credits to technology for fixing the air conditioning in a car. Air conditioning is a universal today; it is impossible to imagine drive without air conditioning in a car. Automotive AC came up in 1939, and in 1940 it spread over the country. People have adopted this technology with great pleasure. The air conditioning system looks complicated to understand, but it is quite easy to go through it. If you understood how system delivers cold and fresh air, then you can be better informed. It is important so that if any problem occurs, you can quickly fix it.

Air conditioning and cooling unit

Air conditioning system and engine cooling system influence each other through two different groups. It puts more load on the engine cooling system and hence the coolant temperature of the engine rises. Additives contained in the coolant not only protect it from frost but also against engine overheating. Coolant composition increases the boiling point of the medium to above 120 °C. It is important during the summer season as the high temperature, and long trips pressurize air conditioning system and cooling system.

Air Conditioning Unit

It is important to control the climate in the vehicle, and for controlling it requires refrigerant circuit and coolant circuit. It can be achieved by mixing cold and warm air for generating climatic condition and completely dependent on outer shape. The air conditioning system is crucial factor safety and driving with comfort. The refrigerant circuit is connected with the tubes and aluminum pipes which are powered by the compressor.

The circuit has two sides

·         The section between the compressor and the expansion valve is the high-pressure side.

·         The section between the expansion valve and the compressor is the low-pressure side.

The temperature of the compressor increases when compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant over high temperature. As a result, it changes its state and heat is removed. Contaminants are removed from the air by filters, removes humidity and ensures that the effectiveness of the system.

How they work

The refrigerant is sucked in as a gas under low pressure and low temperature from the evaporator; it is then compressed and forwarded to the condenser as a gas under high temperature and high pressure.

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