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Opening an IRA to save for your retirement is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a little intimidating with so many investment strategies open to you. In most cases, people stick with mutual funds and individual stocks, but they may be unaware that they can diversify their holdings among a wider range of investments. By taking full advantage of the opportunities available to you, you can increase your chances of achieving greater returns and a more positive outlook for your future.

Adding Precious Metals to Your Portfolio

You might already have invested in precious metalsthrough your choices in stocks and funds, but maybe you would feel better about actually purchasing the metal itself. Whether your preference is for coins, gold bars, or silver, there is a process that makes it possible to add these products to your IRA portfolio. It will require you to obtain an IRA specialty custodian, before you can proceed.

Next, you’ll be required to complete an application and fund the account with the money you’ll use to buy the metals. This is important, because you cannot use precious metals already in your possession, according to IRS stipulations. The third step involves choosing the metals for your investment. For instance, you might choose gold bars, which will require you to negotiate with as gold broker. Once you settle on the price and quantity, you’ll contact your specialty custodian, who will execute the deal and issue payment.

Real Estate Presents a Number of Investment Opportunities

Trust deeds are one wayto go in which your funds are loaned to a borrower with their real estate put up as collateral. In this scenario, you’ll essentially become the banker for this one property with your IRA account loaning the money. This is a secured loan, because your money is backed by the asset of the real estate property, though you won’t see a profit, if the value of that property happens to rise. Still, the rate of return is significantly higher, when compared to other investments.

Another option is to buy real estate directlywith your IRA funds, but check with your administrator before you act. Some IRAs won’t allow this type of investment. Additionally, all expenses must be paid with your IRA funds, because the IRS prohibits mixing non-IRA funds with your investment. You’re also restricted from buying property for your own personal use, or you may face penalties.

Buy Interest in a Business

Here is another option that you might want to consider, especially if you know of a business that you believe will succeed and grow in the coming years. Again, there are some IRS stipulations that complicate this type of investment. The government prohibits you from benefitting from the business in any way, prior to your retirement. This means you cannot draw a salary or share in gains directly. Similarly, your close relatives are also prevented from making transactions via the IRA.

While the potential for gain is certainly present, this can also pose a greater risk than other investments. Instead of dividing up your funds among the various companies supported in a fund, everything is invested in the success of this one business. If the company fails or even shows a minimal profit, you may either lose all of your investment capital, or your gain could be far less than that which you had anticipated.

There are many other options for investing your IRA funds, aside from the traditional mutual funds and individual stocks. Before choosing any investment strategy, it’s important to educate yourself about the IRS stipulations concerning that type of investment, as well as the risks you’ll be facing. If you feel confident that the investment will bear out and you’re comfortable with the risk, proceed with the opportunity. Whether it’s investing in rare items, like artwork and coins, or in business ventures and real estate, it’s up to you to pursue a strategy that will ensure an adequate nest egg for your retirement.

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These are the techniques that are used to communicate and interact with others. Mostly the communication is done through verbal or non-verbal means. Most Children struggle with social skill disabilities in school, at home and also in their day to day interactions. It’s a challenging situation for a parent to see his/her child being bullied by other peers, face isolation, and rejection. If this devastating trend persists, the child may become frustrated, bitter and have multiple experiences of low self-esteem.

Incidences of poor social skills can be catastrophic, and it can lead to short-term and long-term effects that may hinder a child’s psychological growth. Some mental illness like depression may also develop. There are a variety of characteristics that show a child is struggling with social skills. For example when the child is unable to come up with solutions to problems affecting him/her. Intolerance and inability to interpret their social prompts and environment can also be another sign that they’re finding it a challenge to cope with social skills.

The Requisite Signs

As a parent, you may not realize that your child is struggling with conversations until he/she is in middle school. The condition where a child is not able to carry out conversations freely is referred to as (nonverbal learning disabilities). Children with such social skills struggle will mostly miss the messages that others tend to convey through facial expressions, body movements, voice, and tone. They lack intellectual concepts to read in between the lines. For example, they may not understand that a person who doesn’t want to socialize will either sit or stand with their arms crossed and looking in the opposite direction.

Non-verbal learning disabilitiesdeteriorate entirely and weaken a Child's social skills. The child affected may not know when to takes turns in conversations and give others a chance to express themselves. The child will always want to dominate the chat and whenever they are interrupted they fail to keep their emotions intact. Poor interpretation of body gestures, facial expressions, the dependence on adults for information and inappropriate means of conveying their ideas are other significant symptoms that could be seen in such children.

Another social interaction condition affecting children is “Social communication disorder” (SCD). It’s a condition which impairs a child’s spoken language. Children having this condition tend to isolate themselves from others, have difficulty in adapting to different people, style or even situations and mostly go off topic when carrying out conversations.


There is no medication for treatment of social skills. But in some cases where a patient is undergoing depression and anxiety, the doctor may prescribe some drugs to counteract these effects. The following are practical solutions to those children that are having social skill conditions.

Online Therapy

With the emergence of the internet, a number of psychiatrists have been able to come up with online avenues where patients having mental illnessescan access treatment. Online therapy can be a good option for a child that is having difficulties with social skills. The following are the benefits of online therapy for a childwho is having social struggles.

Mental treatment: Online therapy is significant remedy for all children that are house bounded or disabled. Mobility can be a significant challenge for children under those conditions. Online mental treatment is a good alternative saving the parents a lot of time and money which could be used transporting the child to a mental health clinic.

Cost Effectiveness: Online therapy is very much convenient and relatively affordable. Since your child will be attending the therapy sessions online, as a parent, you can always schedule the meetings when your son or daughter is free and not engaged in an activity.

Increased Knowledge: E-therapy is a crucial tool that assists affected individuals to gain more knowledge about their psychological health. It strengthens your child's mental ability and teaches him/her various strategies that can be implemented to better their psychological health.

Accessibility: E-therapy is an excellent remedy for your child if you come from very remote areas. Accessing mental health clinics in such regions can be challenging, but with online therapy, your child can attend all therapy sessions in the comfort of your home with very much ease.

Wrapping Up

Online mental therapy services have a long list of advantages. Its services are here to stay. With the enormous growth of web services, online therapy services will increase and grow serving a large group of people around the globe.

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It's a frustrating feeling when you have a closet full of clothes and no idea what you should wear. The good news is that this means a wardrobe upgrade is in order, potentially giving you the opportunity to buy some new clothes. Don't hit the mall or your favorite online clothing store just yet, though. Before you buy your next piece of clothing, keep the following tips in mind for upgrading your wardrobe.

1. Start by Checking Out Your Current Wardrobe

If you're going to do a true wardrobe upgrade, then it needs to start with an assessment of your wardrobe right now to see what you have plenty of and what you need. This is also the time when you should declutter your closetby getting rid of clothes that you don't wear.

The easiest way to do this is to take out all your clothes, and yes, that does mean everything. Separate your clothes into items you wear regularly, items you wear on occasion and items you never wear. Get rid of the items you never wear by either selling them or donating them to charity. Keep the items you items you wear frequently. For the items you wear every so often, carefully consider if they're worth the closet space.

Once you've trimmed down your closet, look at the items you already have. Consider what pieces you can add that will fit with your current clothes and allow you to make plenty of new outfits.

2. Invest in Quality for Select Pieces

One of the most important aspects of building a good wardrobe is knowing what pieces you should invest inand where you can spend less. With certain items, you need to spend more to get a high-quality piece that's worth wearing. Leather jackets are a good example. There's such a significant difference in quality between a good leather jacket and a cheap fake leather jacket that it's a waste of money to buy a cheap one.

It's also a waste to always go the expensive route, though, because there isn't always an appreciable quality difference. For example, there are plenty of great t-shirts and day dresses available for reasonable prices that you shouldn't spend too much on them.

When deciding if you will invest in a piece of clothing, consider whether you need to do so to get a quality item and how often you could wear that item. If you'll wear an elegantsuit frequently, it's worth the money, but it wouldn't be if you hardly ever dress up.

3. Stay Away from Trends

For building or upgrading a wardrobe, it's best to avoid fashion trends. If you do decide to pick up any trendy items, make sure you're not spending too much money on them.

Although trendy pieces may look interesting right now, the biggest drawback with these items is that you won't get nearly as much use out of them. Trendier pieces tend to be attention grabbers, which means that you can't subtly work them in to a variety of outfits. And because trends only last a short period of time, eventually that trendy piece will become one of those "items you never wear" that you get rid of when you're decluttering.

You're better off building a wardrobe full of classic pieces that have stood the test of time. When you have the staples, such as a couple good pairs of jeans and button-down shirts, you can put together many quality outfits.

If you really want to upgrade your wardrobe, the process will take some time, and you'll need to be willing to part with the clothes you don't wear anymore. But you'll like the way you dress more, and you'll have a much easier time choosing outfits every day.


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Looking after your mind is as important as making sure your body stays physically fit, but many people aren't educated in the methods for taking proper care of their cognitive functioning. Yet, there are some things you can do on a daily basis to improve and strengthen your memory and the overall functioning of the mind.

Eat Your Way to Better Mental Health

Most people accept that the foods they eat affect how their physical bodies develop and perform, so why is it so hard for those same people to believe that their diet influences brain function? In fact, a healthier diet does boost cognitive function and specific foods have been found to promote better concentration and memory. A healthy supply of Omega-3 is best for strengthening the mind and is primarily found in salmon, tuna, trout, and halibut.

If you're not a big seafood eater, you can also get Omega-3s from ground flaxseed, winter squash, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, kidney beans, and walnuts. Most plant-based foods provide the nutrients the brain needs for improved functioning, as well. Green tea and wine, when consumed in moderation, also boost cognitive functioning.

Getting Quality Sleep is Vital to Strong Mental Functioning

Just as it's unhealthy to binge on junk food, it's also detrimental to your physical and mental wellbeing to skimp on sleep. Recent studies have shown that the brain's nerve cells communicate more efficiently, when the individual is well-rested. That improved communicationbetween the cells is responsible for boosting the ability to learn and to recall memories.

In a study conducted at the University of Geneva, test subjects were divided into two groups. The first group was allowed to get eight hours of sleep each night, while the control group was given less sleep time. During the day, the subjects were instructed on developing new skills and shown images as a way of gaging memory. Those who slept a full eight hours performed significantly better than the others.

Social Connections Reinforces Cognitive Functioning

Research at the University of Chicago found that loneliness and feelings of isolation can lead to greater cognitive decline. This type of situation causes the individual to lose sleep, develop hypertension, and increase overproduction of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Loneliness can also inhibit the immune system's response to infection and instigate depression. When a person is affected by several of these conditions, the brain is overtaxed, causing a drain on cognitive function.

Conversely, socializing with friends and family members strengthens the functioning of the mind. It forces the brain to develop new connections between nerve cells. As new memories are created and stored, cognitive functioning is reinforced. Additionally, socializing with others often leads to new activities and experiences, which promotes the learning and storing of new information.

Puzzles and Games Work Out the Mind

Keeping the mind active through frequent challenges and stimulation is the best way to boost and strengthen cognitive functioning. In fact, a study conducted at Tel Aviv University in 2013 found that the stimulation provided by regular puzzles and games helped to stave off the onset of Alzheimer's disease and may even prevent it.

Also in 2013, a University of California study conducted in San Diego discovered that a specially designed video game boosted mental skills in test subjects. The game also helped to develop stronger multitasking skills.

Keeping Active Does as Much for the Brain as for the Body

We also know that keeping physically active is beneficial to the brain. Studies have found that moderate aerobic exercise increases brain volume in elderly subjects. The subjects, aged 60 to 79, normally lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle, but, during the study, they were asked to participate in regular exercise. After six months, brain volume had increased in all of the subjects, suggesting physical activity benefits the mind as well as the body.

It was once thought that cognitive degeneration was inevitable as we age. Now, research is finding that we actually can reduce the risks by keeping our minds and bodies active. Just like any other muscle, the more you use your brain, the stronger it will develop.

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